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Out-of-the box Post-Production Services

Post-production encompasses all the activities and processes that occur after the raw footage has been captured, including editing, visual effects, sound design and color correction.

Beamcorps specializes in brand video editing using several post-production techniques and tools. Motion graphics, sound design, or color grading.
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  • + Video editing
  • + Sound design and editing
  • + Visual effects (VFX)
  • + Color correction and grading
  • + Music and soundtrack
  • + Quality control and review
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Development Image
Video editing

Our VFX artists and graphic designers work to add special effects, text overlays, titles, and any other visual elements required for the project.

Audio post-production

We clean up and enhance the quality of the recorded sound by removing background noise, adjusting audio levels.

Color correction & grading

We adjust the color, brightness, and contrast of the footage to correct any imperfections and ensure consistency.

Quality control & review

We identify and rectify any errors or issues. The quality control process includes a thorough assessment of the audio and visual elements.

We refine the raw canvas of footage into a masterpiece that captivates audiences.

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Witness the the magic of storytelling truly coming to life, as our video editors sift through hours of footage in our best post-production studio.

With Beamcorps best post-production services, we open the gateway to capture audience's attention, tugging at their heartstrings, and etching a lasting memory.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Examples of Post-Production Services include Video Editing, Audio Editing and Mixing, Color Correction and Grading, Visual Effects (VFX), Sound Design, Music Composition and Scoring, Voice-Over Recording, Title and Graphics Design, Subtitling and Closed Captioning, Quality Control (QC), Transcoding and Format Conversion, Mastering, and many more.

Key steps in Post-Production involve ingestion and organization, logging and transcription, video editing, audio editing, and mixing, color correction and grading, visual effects (VFX), sound design, music composition and scoring, voice-over and automated dialogue replacement, title and graphic design, subtitling and closed captions, quality control, mastering, archiving and data management, distribution and delivery, post-production supervision, marketing, and promotion.

You get to choose so many roles within this multi-faceted industry of Post-production. You can be a video editor, audio engineer, colorist, VFX artist, sound designer, composer, voice-over artist, title and graphic designer, and many more.

A post-production company offers a wide range of services to assist clients in completing their film, video, or media projects. These companies are staffed with experts in various aspects of post-production and have access to specialized equipment and software.

The salaries in post-production can vary significantly based on factors such as location, experience, specific role, the size and prestige of the production, and the individual's expertise. However, some roles in post-production tend to command higher salaries due to their specialized skills and responsibilities.

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